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Content Submission Requirements

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The contributor must be responsible for the authorship of all the work published in PoweredTemplate. The contributor must know all the licences that PoweredTemplate offers to their users so it can be guaranteed that all the works submitted fit all the legal requirements. PoweredTemplate reserves the right to block your access or even terminate your account if the contributor fails these points.

All submitted content must be in optimal quality and intended for professional commercial use.

Accepted Content Types:

Photo Requirements

  • File format: JPEG.
  • Color mode: RGB.
  • Color profile: sRGB, Adobe RGB, Prophoto RGB or P3.
  • Size: over 0,5 MB.
  • Dimensions: between 2.000px and 10.000px on any of its sides.
  • Title, description, and tags: They must be integrated in the metadata (EXIF data).


The contributor must have a model release of any identifiable person depicts in the submitted content. Same thing for an identifiable property (such as a trademark or privately owned building, pet or object) the contributor must be in possession of a property release.

The exception to these requirements is when the content meets our editorial standards. See licenses

Sample release forms:

  • model release;
  • model release for a minor;
  • property release.

Please read this article about when do you need a model or property release.

Main Content Quality Rejection Reasons

  • Technical quality problems, like artifacts, noise, sharpening, resizing or chromatic aberration, wrong white balance, depth of field, out of focus.
  • Poor taste related to vignetting, filters, tilted angle or composition.
  • Sensitive content like violence, erotism or any other sensitive content could, in some way, offend our users.
  • Show personal information like full names, identification numbers, addresses, phone numbers, license plates, etc.

Serious Mistakes

  • Repeated observance of these practices could have consequences and lead to the end of the collaboration agreement.
  • Using models without releases.
  • Submitting repeated images that have already been sent in, whether they were selected for publication or not.
  • Rotating, flipping or reframing images that have already been sent will not be considered original and will not be selected.

Presentation Requirements

Please read this article for presentation templates requirements and read how to prepare the file for upload here.

Please read this article for print templates requirements.

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