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Tag Suggestion Tool

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PoweredTemplate does know that good keywords on products significantly increases revenue for contributors. Keywords enable buyers to find the right asset for the right subject, emotion or look that they need. The more keywords a products has, the greater the chances buyers will find a product that matches exactly what they are looking for. If they find the right asset, they will buy it. If they don’t find it, they won’t buy.

If you are not a techie, keyword use seems laborious. Keyword determination, uploading, and checking is a lengthy process but it is an essential process. Our Tags Suggestion Tool makes the process easier.

To launch the Tool just click the button which can be found next to Tags text area in a product edit form.

Tag Suggestion Tool button
Click Tag Suggestion Tool button

The tool is simple to use. Just search for and select a few products with similar content to your own, and the tool will supply you with a list of relevant keywords that you can refine and add to your item.

How does it work?

  1. First you type in several basic keywords that describe the product you want to keyword.
  2. You will then be presented with a long list of images that look like your image or product. Choose the images that look the most like your own image, and you will be presented with a list view of all the keywords from all the images. If you choose from images that are not similar to your own, the keywords listed will not be very valuable to you.
  3. To choose the first default 50 tags suggested by the tool click the Choose button. In this case the tool will paste all the suggested words to your product.
  4. To view and edit suggested list of tags click on View Words button
  5. The site automatically takes the keywords from the chosen images and removes identical keywords. The list of keywords will also be automatically sorted by frequency of use, which will make it much easier for you to select your final set of keywords.
  6. The first 50 words in the list are marked as most relevant to the product.
  7. You may select or unselect any of the suggested tags. After you make all the necessary changes, you can click on the Apply button to generate a final list of keywords the system will paste to your product.

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