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Keyword Stuffing

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Keyword Stuffing is the practice of spamming your item titles with excessive or irrelevant keywords.

Keyword stuffing is unhelpful for buyers and does not add any value:

  • keep keywords in your titles to a maximum of two;
    you can always include additional keywords as tags.
  • common sense should be employed when using compound words;
    purposeful duplication of words in titles with intent to take advantage of PoweredTemplate’s search algorithm will be seen as a violation of this policy.

We consider any of the following to be unacceptable:

  • repeating the same word more than once:
    • “Photography – Photography Google Slides Theme”;
    • “Real Estate – Real Estate PowerPoint Template”.
  • repeating words with the same ‘stem’ more than once:
    • “Owo | Photography Google Slides Theme for Photographers”;
    • “Winery – Wine and Beer Photo”;
    •  “Estatecom – Real Estate Brochure Template”.
  • excessively listing more than two keywords:
    • “Kudo | Karate, Box, Kickboxing, Sports Presentation Template”.
  • including keywords that are not relevant to your item:
    • “Lami – Recipe Blogging WordPress Theme [not PSD, HTML, Magento]“.

For more information on Titles, Tags and descriptions see here.

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