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Item Presentation Requirements

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What does Item Presentation Mean?

As part of our Item Quality expectations, Item Presentation is all about how your item is presented to customers. Customers want to see how the item looks, what features it has and how it works, so they can make an informed decision to download as a result of what they see on your item page.

Item presentation is the first thing your customers see and what they use to consider to purchase. Take some time to review the following item presentation requirements below and the expectations for specific content types.

Cover and Preview Images

The first thing subscribers will see when determining if your item is the product they are looking for is the cover image. This is your chance to showcase your item!

The cover image is your primary preview image which will be displayed as the first image shown on your item detail page and in the search results. Alongside your main cover image, you’ll also be able to include a series of preview images as outlined in the next section below.

In an effort to present your items in the best way possible, PoweredTemplate offers cover images that are larger than what’s traditionally found on digital marketplaces. We realise this is more work for you as an author however the end result will lead to your products looking as good as possible leading to more exposure of your items.

Please review the following requirements below to get started!

  • The cover image must be provided at these dimensions at the minimum:
    • Cover images must have a 3:2 aspect ratio
    • Recommended Dimensions: 2400px (W) x 1600px (H)
    • Minimum Dimensions: 1200px (W) x 800px (H) – aspect ratio 3:2
  • The cover image must have the smallest number in its name. E.g. cover-image-00.jpg
  • You can make your cover image larger, however, the aspect ratio of 3:2 must be adhered to. While we ask for the highest resolution cover image for flexibility, keep in mind this image may be scaled down and shown in many different formats. Please make sure any included text also looks good and is readable at smaller resolutions. See the Marketing Text & Branding Guidelines below for more recommendations.
  • Accepted image formats are JPEG or PNG
  • Image quality and required size:
    • if you don’t have existing previews at this size, you should create new cover images for your items. Do not upscale or resize smaller JPEG images to the required dimensions as this results in a poor quality final image.
    • Export your cover images at high-quality while also considering file size. Upscaled, over-compressed, noisy or generally low-quality image files are not acceptable.

Hints and Tips

  • Don’t include too much additional text on your cover images. While we allow some text and branding it’s important that your cover image clearly demonstrates the item itself and looks good. Please see Marketing Text & Branding Guidelines below.
  • Light color backgrounds often work best.
  • Keep the cover image clean and free of clutter.
  • Where appropriate show real-world usage of your Item.

Preview Images

The cover image is considered the primary preview image to present your file and is required at the set dimensions/aspect ratio listed above. We know that one image isn’t enough to show off your product so you can include as many preview images as needed.

Including preview images is optional, but if you are including one, please follow these guidelines:

  • We highly recommend you to include 3 or more for best results on the item upload page.
  • The previews can be of varying size however we recommend the same aspect ratio and dimensions as the cover image for best results.
  • Recommended Dimensions:
    • Aspect ratio 3:2
    • 1200px wide – minimum dimensions
    • Accepted file formats – JPEG or PNG
    • Max Height: 1600px
  • The preview images must have a single number in their names and numbered in the order that you want them to appear on the website, using one of the following formats (the cover image must have the smallest number in its name):
    • 001_any_name.jpg, 002_any_name.jpg, 003_any_name.jpg, 004_any_name.jpg;
    • any-name1.jpg, any-name2.jpg, any-name3.jpg, …, any-name999.jpg

Image Quality

Please ensure your cover and preview images are of high technical quality. Upscaled, over-compressed, noisy or generally low-quality image files are not acceptable.

Marketing Text & Branding Guidelines

In an effort to maintain a professional and visually appealing resource for PoweredTemplate subscribers, we encourage providers to limit the amount of text and branding included on cover images. Avoid marketing text and excessive branding – overall our main priority is that cover images look great and clearly represent the item itself.

Testing has shown that images showing the actual item itself generate higher click-through & conversion, compared to text-heavy marketing graphics. For example, for a presentation template use a screenshot of the main title slide, or for a website template, use a screenshot of the live preview’s homepage.

By marketing text we mean things like:

  • “Includes over 1000s free brushes!”
  • “Special super awesome bundle”
  • “24 PSD’s”
  • “InDesign Files Included”
  • “Easy to use”
  • “Over 100 free Hipster Mustaches included”

What to do:

  • Avoid excessive text on Cover Images.
  • Avoid marketing text on Cover Images.
  • Avoid excessive branding on Cover Images.
  • No mention of bundles on Cover or Preview Images, see Item Bundles policy.
  • Feel free to include additional information on Preview Images.

Live Previews

A live preview is a demo that showcases a web theme item including, what it looks like, what it offers and how it works. It is an important part of the buying experience for customers as it helps them assess the suitability of the theme beyond images.

Authors contributing web theme items to PoweredTemplate need to include a high quality live preview that showcases its aesthetic design and technical functionality.

Live previews and iFrame on PoweredTemplate

We serve live previews through an iframe on, but browser security and privacy features may mean that the way your previews function within the iframe could be affected. 

The reason for this is that these browser security features are designed to protect users’ privacy against third-party tracking, and so may restrict cookies, javascript or other functions. Browser security features are also constantly changing based on privacy laws around the world. 

Another reason why your live preview may appear different to customers is because functionality (including defaults) can differ quite a lot between different browsers, and users can change their privacy settings easily. 

Due to these reasons, the way customers see and interact with your preview may be affected. 

To help get a better understanding of how your live previews may be impacted, we recommend opening them up (across different browsers) within the developer tools to view any errors or warnings that come up. 

Watermarking Files

Some items for sale on PoweredTemplate need to have a watermark on the preview to help prevent copyright breaches and unauthorized use.

Photos and Graphics items are automatically watermarked by our system.

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