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General Questions

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How many products would I need to submit to become a contributor?

It is preferable if you can send initially more than 50 graphic resources for review. As once you send your content they have to go through a selection process and files will not be published unless a minimum of 10 are selected. Therefore, the more you send us for selection, the higher chances you have of creating a profile at our Marketplace.

If you pass the test you’ll be approved as PoweredTemplate contributor.

What kind of resources can I upload to PoweredTemplate?

These are the files that you can upload to your Contributor panel:

  • Photos/Images
  • Presentation Templates 

The main requirement is that the images and designs that you upload to PoweredTemplate must be 100% original and created by yourself. If you look for inspiration on our site, you need to be careful and ensure that your design is genuine. It is not allowed to use images from a different designer as main or secondary element of the resources you upload to PoweredTemplate.

Please note that part of our team works to avoid this kind of situations, which can be penalized with the cancellation of the contributor account.

How long do I have to wait until my first products are reviewed?

We receive daily a very high volume of products from our new contributors, so the revision of your resources can take up to 10 working days. Usually, we will attend the content at the earliest convenience, but on some occasions this revision may take longer depending on the number of resources we have pending. 

What happens if my first 10 resources are rejected?

If your first 10 works do not meet our aesthetic and quality standards, you will have another chance to improve your work and re-upload 10 more assets for our team to review it. If these are not selected either and we do not accept you as a contributor, your request will be rejected and your account will be blocked, so you will not be able to send more files. Therefore it is very important to ensure that you sent your most relevant resources for this first test, to show us the quality and technique you are best at, increasing the chances to be selected as a contributor. 

What should be the subject of my content?

There is no specific subject or topic to follow, you are free to create whatever you think would be useful to our users. However, we suggest that you have a look at our website and take into consideration the popularity and kind of resources that are being published.

Are my resources protected against plagiarism?

We take seriously any copyright violations done by any user. As indicated by our Terms of Use, the unauthorized distribution of our graphic resources is not allowed and may subject them to criminal and civil penalties. We will take legal action if all content is not removed immediately. Whenever we find someone committing copyright infringement we contact them if needed and inform about the legal consequences derived from the misuse of our resources.

In any case, if you feel that a fraudulent use of your work has been made by any of our contributors, please let us know by contacting us.

Please read more about how to protect your copyright.

Will my products be available for free?

By default all the products published by our Contributors will be available only for subscribers meaning that they will be marked as Premium resources and won’t be available for free.

But there is an option for contributor to mark an asset as free resource. In this case the product will be available for free download with mandatory attribution to the author. Also, no revenue will be calculated if the asset was downloaded by a user.

Do I need to publish free resources?

Adding free products to PoweredTemplate is not necessary and won’t give you a direct sales, but for sure, will give to your portfolio and your products an additional promotion from users, like web links, social sharing, word of mouth, etc.

This will grow your audience and as a result will bring additional sales of your Premium products.

How does PoweredTemplate promote my products?

Being an author on a digital marketplace is something more than just submitting your items. These items should be of the highest quality and correspond to all the technical and visual guidelines.

It is pretty challenging to sell digital items in perpetual competition with other vendors. For this plenty of reasons, promotion is important in selling your products and attracting more and more customers.

We actively market products and authors via the following channels:

  • Email Newsletters;
  • PoweredTemplate Homepage;
  • Category or Search Result Page (Popular Products);
  • Free Assets of the Week;
  • Blog posts;
  • Handpicked assets (on the homepage);
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).

Please note that the marketplace team is just partially responsible for promoting your products and increasing sales quantity. The significant part of success is the author’s efforts and hard work with the target audience.

Since we are talking about digital products promotion, we highly recommend you joining social networks and generating your own fresh content.

The list of recommended activities to boost your sales:

  • Publishing your content in public groups;
  • Arranging polls, giveaways;
  • Sharing your experience and ideas with a wide amount of users.

Additional ways to promote your products on a digital marketplace:

  • Adding free products to PoweredTemplate – this won’t give you a direct sales, but will give your portfolio and your products an additional promotion from users (links, sharing, word of mouth, etc.);
  • Social media advertising;
  • Online communities for self-promotion such as Behance, Dribbble etc.;
  • Launch Google and Facebook Ads.

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