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Contributor Level and Upload Limits

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You can see below the 3 different Contributor’s Levels. Each of them has own upload limits.

You can learn how to upload resources from here.

Level 1

As a new contributor, you must upload a minimum of 10 resources.

Our Team will review your files and see if they meet our requirements and you can start your collaboration with us. After approving you can upload a minimum of 1 file and a maximum of 10 files in one batch.

Your Contributor account will be at Level 1 until you have a total of 20 assets published in your account.

Level 2

You already got 20 files published! Great job!

Now you can upload a minimum of 1 file and a maximum of 30 files in one batch.

Until you don’t have a minimum of 100 products published, you will not pass to Level 3. 

Level 3

You have proved to be an amazing Contributor!

You have to continue uploading a minimum of 1 file and 100 files as maximum in one batch*.

As a Level 3 contributor you can start using the FTP Upload Method.

* Please note: You can upload as many batches of 100 files as you like, there is no limit in sending files for selection. The only limit is that the batch cannot be greater than 100 files and each file size must not exceed 100 Mb.

About the reviewing process, please allow up to 20 working days (from Monday to Friday) for your files to be reviewed.

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