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Once your files have been sent to revision, the different stages are as follows:

  • Under review: This stage indicates that your files are being processed by the system. The technical requirements are being tested. The metadata is also being checked to make sure it is correct and complete. The files could remain in this stage up to 20 working days. 
  • Rejected: If the files do not meet our requirements, whether technical or design related, they will get this status. We will also share with you the reasons of the rejection. 
  • Queued: The status indicates that your file is passed review and set into queue for publication. The publication process may last up to 3-5 days since there is a huge queue of products from other authors waiting for publications.
  • Published: This status indicates the files that have been published on the website. We will give you statistics of the number of downloads and favourites your files have received in Statements section. Gradually, we will expand this information, so you always know how your files are getting along.

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