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What Links Can I Place In My Item Description, Preview or Download?

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  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

Links should be respectful of PoweredTemplate Marketplace and not seek to drive traffic to any external, competing site or service (including linking to items for sale on your personal website).

The only links you should use are those redirecting to the following:

  • Items that need to be attributed or sourced, for example, Creative Commons imagery you may have used in your item preview or watermarked PoweredTemplate Marketplace items.
  • Online documentation or support forums if you run external support services.
  • Third-party content used in your items for technical/descriptive purposes, for example, open source code libraries, third-party plugins, content management systems, APIs, etc.
  • Additional demos and alternate previews of your items.
  • Social media accounts, for example, your personal Twitter account.

Linking to competing sites and brands is governed by a fair use policy. We ask authors not to promote alternative ways to purchase the same or similar items available on PoweredTemplate Marketplace  through other websites and services.

This policy extends to links from live previews of items and support forums, which should also not promote an alternative site or service.

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