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What Do You Look For In New Contributors?

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A real human being (and artist) reviews each contributor’s request. Here are some of the things we look for while reviewing shop applications:

  • Excitement and wow factor: We have lots of great products already, but we’re always excited when our applicants show us work that really amazes us!
  • Uniqueness: We review many requests each day, and we’re looking for designers who don’t play it safe, can better understand what’s already out there, and have work that stands by itself. Catering to popular trends or a certain niche is great, but setting new trends is fantastic!
  • Quality: You’re aware that it’s the tiny details- the small style choices and finishing touches- that turn an okay design into something great. Your visual elements are just as smooth as your technical skills. Everything you create gets better and better!
  • Solid portfolio: We like to see at least 10 examples of your work to evaluate you in a complete manner. Preferably, these samples should also pertain to what you’d like to sell on PoweredTemplate. Seeing different samples from you here shows us the progress of your work.

Again, please make sure you uploaded the best 10 first samples for review.

We review each and every contributor request closely, ensuring that we are allowing quality designers to start selling on PoweredTemplate Marketplace. We also closely monitor any reports and feedback from the community regarding products and/or shops. We respond as quickly as possible to any issues.

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