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Benefits of Being a PoweredTemplate Contributor

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There are many benefits to contributing items to PoweredTemplate, including:

  • Be discovered worldwide. Our marketplace is a multi-language platform to get your products in front of over 1.5 million customers wherever they are.
  • You can sell your products anywhere else you like: sell on your own site and beyond. There’s nothing to lose in letting us help promote your work.
  • Access to a targeted audience of quality agencies, business executives, marketers, & designers.
  • Being supported by marketing & promotion investment from PoweredTemplate.

PoweredTemplate authors are hand-picked by our team based on their consistently high-quality work. As such, we extend significant trust in our authors and give them the responsibility to self-manage their own processes and work.

Authors’ items reach a high-value audience of frequent and consistent buyers of digital assets and share in 50% of the total net revenue from subscribers (see, Pay per item).

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