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Metadata revision

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Your files can be rejected because the incorrect metadata has been added to the resources. In this article you can find some tips to avoid this and also a list of reasons for metadata rejections.

You can learn more about how to create Excellent Titles, Descriptions and Tags.

Title to long/short

The maximum length of a title is of 100 characters.

Sometimes titles can be rejected as too long, even when they do not exceed the 100 characters, because these add redundant information to the resources or a list of keywords is included in the title (remember that the correct procedure is to add these keywords to the tag section, and they must always be relevant to the resource).

Titles too short can also be rejected because they do not describe the resource, or can be too vague or ambiguous.

The title must describe the most important details about the image in a concise way and in a single sentence. We suggest that you create a title that has between 30 and 100 characters.

Wrong Title

When a title is wrong and does not make allusions to the designs. The titles have been rejected for containing unnecessary information, whether that is referencing the resource or it is of a technical nature (i.e. MS PowerPoint 2019)

For example, those designs that have “Print” in the title or any other title that has nothing to do with the image of the resource. 

Title contains irrelevant information

The titles are rejected for holding irrelevant information.

Title must be in proper English

The title must be properly redacted in English.

Title contains a date or numbers

The product may have the date and numbers in the title. For example, the date in which the photo was taken. But in the case of other products, we will reject the title if the numbers are irrelevant to the design (e.g. Pop Up Dialog Box 971).

Tags no relevant to product

Tags that have no relation to what is in the design.

e.g. “A design of a card with the tags: background, illustration.”

Tags must be in English

All tags must be in English.

Tags range established: 5-50 tags

Each resource must have at least 5 tags and no exceeds 50 tags.

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