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Reasons for rejection – Presentations

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Below you can find a list of reasons why your templates may have not been selected to be published at PoweredTemplate:

Wrong archive structure

The archive has wrong structure of folders and file names and/or folder names. Please refer to this article and see the paragraphs with archive structure samples.

Limited commercial value

We determine the commercial appeal of a specific template taking into account the downloads and profitability data collected throughout time. Therefore, your product will be rejected if we consider it will not reach the minimum number of downloads to be profitable.

Aesthetic and technical issues

Products that do not meet the aesthetic or technical standards established by the company will be rejected (composition, colors, shapes, etc.).

If your content is rejected for this reason, it means that it has not the required technical or aesthetic quality.

Similar submissions

If you send templates with minimal differences between them, they will be considered similar submissions and, thus, rejected by our review team.

There are different cases in which your content can be rejected due to similarity to other resources. 

Wrongly used typography

The font is not consistent with the resource. Your files may be rejected due to the following issues:

  • Functionality: the font you used is not visually appealing nor harmonious. Please, bear in mind that fonts must be legible and consistent with the style of the resource.
  • Composition: the text composition is poor. Make sure the text box is properly aligned regarding the column’s width and the font’s weight.
  • Characters set: the typography must contain at least the characters that you are working with and these must be correctly used (punctuation, symbols, mathematical signs and diacritics).

Not Readable Slides

Edit text on each slide to a minimum to achieve a balanced appearance and the highest level of  readability. A bad readable slides may be a cause of rejection.

Not Editable Shapes

Any complex shape in the presentation can be divided into simple shapes using the Ungroup command. A not editable complex shape may cause of rejection.


This rejection reason refers to templates that are not valid at the time you send them. We will only accept holidays-related resources that have already passed when the templates does not include a specific date that reveals its obsolescence.

However, we highly suggest you send templates in advance (two months is the ideal timing) so that users can retrieve your resources and, thus, you can obtain higher profitability.

Wrongly used language

Please note that we only accept text properly written in English. Make sure the text has no mistakes, is related to the resource and is correctly integrated into the image that comprises it. Also, ensure it does not conflict with our ethical policies, except for relevant specific festivities, where a brief text in the local language is accepted.

Grammar and spelling errors 

If your templates contain spelling or grammar errors, they will also be rejected.


This reason refers to duplicated or repeated templates, meaning that we will not accept products that have already been sent, whether they are published or not.

Please note: repeatedly sending the same resources does not increase the chances of publication.


All artwork you send must be original and of your own. Thus, if you send us plagiarized resources, they will be rejected.  Right after detecting that your content infringes copyright, your contributor account will be blocked permanently.

Reuse of elements: Including in your content elements from other authors, however minimal, is also considered plagiarism. The only watermarked PoweredTemplate Marketplace items may be used. We will also reject content that reuses CC0 resources.

Inspiration: We will also consider plagiarism the recreation of products inspired by other authors’ templates.

Although you share resources with other contributors, you should submit original content different from the rest; otherwise, we may block your account.

Images that contain registered trademarks are not allowed. Example of trademarks: Adobe, Amazon, Sony, Disney, etc. However, the use of social network icons is allowed.

We will not accept nor publish zoo animals nor portraits with recognizable people on them that have not given their consent.

Ethical Policies

This rejection reason refers to images that contain or encourage inappropriate behavior. For example, violent, sexual, or pornographic content will be rejected. We do not accept images that may, in some way, offend or affect the user’s feelings.

Do not include attribution

Make sure your templates do not contain any signature, watermark or any other mark that identifies the author of the photograph. Also, signatures or comments related to PoweredTemplate (for example, “designed by PoweredTemplate” or “selected by PoweredTemplate”) will not be accepted.

Invalid file

It refers to files that, once uploaded, present loading errors.

Lack of coherence

Elements: the product’s elements lack coherence and are inconsistent, which affects the template’s quality. Shapes, Photos and contexts: some photos, shapes, or charts have no relation to the presentation’s context.

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