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How to download PoweredTemplate premium licenses?

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PoweredTemplate PDF premium licenses allow you to use our resources without crediting the author and these will remain active even when your Premium membership has expired. 

Please remember to download the license PDF files while your subscription is active and keep them in a safe place, since you won’t be able to download these again once your subscription has expired.

There are a few different ways to download the PDF licenses of the resources once you have purchased your subscription: 

  • When you download the resource from PoweredTemplate the system will give you the option to download also the PDF license document directly from our website, as you can see in the following example below:

    System will give you the option to download the PDF license document
  • Inside the ZIP file you will get when you download a resource there will be a TXT file called “License”, where you can find the instructions to download the license documents and some relevant information about it. Please note that this TXT file is not the license and you still need to download the valid PDF document.
  • You can also download the licenses from the Subscription tab of you account. To access this, go to your profile (top right corner of the screen) and then select “Subscription” from the horizontal menu.

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