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You can acquire any of our Premium plans for your company usage, but we suggest our Annual Unlimited Plan.

we suggest our Annual Unlimited Plan

Besides unlimited downloads you will get an ability to create sub-accounts for your team – up to 10 users. All the downloads your team made will be accessible to each its member. Also, there is an option to save your files directly to your clouds (Google Drive or Dropbox).

Benefits of being Premium

Other companies affiliated to yours cannot use the same subscription. If these companies want to have access to PoweredTemplate Plans benefits, they must acquire a subscription of their own.

To acquire correctly any of our Plans as a company you must make sure that the company name and details are saved on the user account section, since the licenses of the templates you download will be bonded to this user.

Also, please make sure to enter the correct billing information, including VAT number if required, before you make the purchase, so the invoice is issued with all the information you need.

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