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Rejected and declined payments

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  • Card error before the payment is processed:

If the error “Your card has been declined” appears when you enter your card details and before the payment is completed, you must contact your bank to make sure that your card is enabled for online payments, international transactions, and recurring payments (our subscriptions are linked to automatic renewal cycle). 

In this case, you can retry the payment as soon as the issue with the card is fixed or select a different payment method (another card, Paypal, or Amazon Payments).

  • Declined transaction after completing the payment process:

Once you complete the payment process, the system takes a few minutes to contact your bank/Paypal and validate the charge. If there are any issues, the payment is declined and you will receive an email with this information. Please note that PoweredTemplate does not reject/decline payments. This comes from your bank/Paypal, which does not accept the charge. 

When this happens, the system will automatically attempt to charge three more times (once every 24 hours approximately). Since this is an automated process, it will not be possible to retry the payment manually. At this stage, we suggest contacting your bank/Paypal to fix the issue and ask them to accept the charge.  

If all the attempts fail, the subscription request will be automatically canceled and you will have to buy a new premium plan.

Please read more about common payment issues and troubleshooting

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