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Understanding Earnings on PoweredTemplate

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We compensate PoweredTemplate Authors with 50% of the net subscription revenue generated by subscribers who have downloaded their items in each earnings cycle. This amount is distributed among eligible Authors using the subscriber share model.

To clarify, PoweredTemplate takes into account the total downloads of an item (per customer) for a subscription that commences on any day in the calendar month, and these downloads are reported in the subsequent available earnings report.

Illustrative scenarios are as follows:

A: If a customer initiates their subscription on November 1, any download within the next 30 days is included in the November earnings.

B: If a customer commences their subscription on November 15, any download within the next 30 days is included in the December earnings.

C: If a customer purchased a subscription on December 1, any download within the next 30 days is included in the December earnings.

In the B scenario, despite half of the downloads occurring in November, they are considered part of a December subscription because the subscription’s last day falls within this calendar month.

Understanding Earnings on PoweredTemplate -- Illustrative scenarios are as follows

When Can I Anticipate Receiving My Complete Earnings Report?

Our goal is to present Authors with results as promptly as possible. However, owing to our revenue share methodology, there is an unavoidable delay of up to two months before we can furnish you with the conclusive monthly earnings figure.

To illustrate, utilizing the scenario mentioned earlier, as November earnings must await finalization until the conclusion of the last November subscription period (end of December), the earliest date for earnings to be paid and reported is in January.

Presentation of Partial Earnings for a Month

To empower you in making informed decisions about your PoweredTemplate content, we make daily calculations visible for your item earnings, offering partial earnings information as early as possible. This implies that your item earnings will be visibly accruing daily throughout the month until the comprehensive monthly calculation is completed.

When Will My Initial Earnings Become Accessible?

We strive to disclose your initial earnings amount by the 6th business day of the month. Prior to this, the respective month will not be selectable in the drop-down menu on your earnings report. For instance, for the June earnings month, you will be able to choose June on your earnings report after the 6th business day of July. This preliminary calculation will encompass the first week of June.

What if My Item Earnings Remain Unchanged Day after Day?

There are a couple of scenarios that can result in your subscriber share earnings staying the same from one day to the next:

  • Above your earnings, you will find a date indicating the latest calculated day. If this date remains unchanged, it indicates that no new calculations have taken place. We will make an effort to notify you in case of a prolonged delay in performing a new daily calculation.
  • If the calculations are up-to-date and your earnings remain unchanged, it could mean that none of your items were licensed on the day we published the earnings.
  • If the calculations are current and your Content Bonus hasn’t changed, it may imply that you are ineligible, and you might need to upload new content. For more details on Content Bonus eligibility, please refer to this article.

Be sure to update your account’s payment details using the Author Dashboard (if you haven’t done so already) to guarantee punctual payments each month!

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