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Invoice Validation

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You must reach the minimum amount required to have your invoice generated (100 USD/EUR for Paypal and 50 USD/EUR for Payoneer).

PoweredTemplate sends an email every month to inform if an invoice has been generated and requires validation, but also if you have not reached the minimum amount required to be paid on the current month.

The invoice must be validated between the 4th and the 9th of each month and this needs to be done from your contributor panel here.

IMPORTANT: If you do not validate the invoice on time, this will be cancelled and the amount will be accumulated for next month invoice.

If the invoice is validated but the payment is not completed before the 25th, due to your Paypal/Payoneer account not accepting payments or any other reasons, the invoice will be back to unpaid status and you will be able to validate it again once the validation period opens next month.

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