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Protecting Your Copyright

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We all know that piracy can feel like a major problem for those who create digital content. Content owners, like our PoweredTemplate Marketplace authors, have different philosophical approaches to the piracy issue.

Some seek to fight all piracy they come across, some want to find ways to motivate users of content to pay for it, and some choose to focus on what they do sell and not change the ways of users who want all their content for free. Ultimately, this is your personal choice (and more below on the path PoweredTemplate takes on the piracy issue).

Taking action as a rights owner

If you see someone using or selling your content without your permission – like your PoweredTemplate Marketplace items – you can take action by sending a DMCA notice to the website’s owner or website’s host. A DMCA notice asks the owner or host to take the item down. Content owners have the right to do this and depending on your personal philosophy you can use this approach to act on abuse of your rights as an owner.

If you feel strongly about piracy of your items, we encourage you to actively protect your copyright in this way. Doing it yourself will be the quickest, most efficient way to get your content taken down.

How to take action?

We’ve developed some resources to help you protect your copyright.

What tools to use – find useful information here about a range of tools we’ve found helpful. A big thanks go out to our community members (and others) who’ve created some of these tools.

How to send a DMCA notice – we’ve prepared a short guide on how to do this plus there’s a template form you can use.

Who to send your DMCA notice to – here’s a guide to using ‘whois lookup’.

What to do when you’ve sent your DMCA?

Once you’ve submitted your DMCA notice it would be great if you could tell us about it via the Help Team and include a copy of the DMCA notice you’ve sent. Sometimes we can investigate further and potentially we can take further action such as approaching the host to get the whole site taken down if we see that there’s a lot of authors being impacted by the site.

If you come across a site that you think will affect our community badly – one you think we should focus on – please let us know via support so that our crack team can investigate.

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