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Copyright requirements for your contributor images

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Any design you create as a Contributor must be 100% original and created by yourself. You cannot use the work from another author as main or secondary element of your design.

If you check our website in search for inspiration, you must keep in mind that your design must be completely new and genuine. You cannot copy any of the details from the images you are using to inspire your work.

Please note that part of our Team is focused on Copyright and we have the tools to identify when an infraction has been made for the images uploaded for revision. Plagiarism and Copyright violation can result in the cancellation of your Contributor account and the suspension of any pending payments. If this happens there will be no option to reactivate the account and you will not be allowed to create a new account to collaborate as a contributor.

If you believe that your work or any of our designer’s work is being used unauthorizedly, please contact us with the details from this link.

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