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Automatic rejections

Sometimes your resources may be rejected automatically by the system because of the reasons below. If this happens, you can fix the errors indicated and resubmit the correct files for our team to review it.

Not valid file type

The file is not valid because it is not an EPS, a JPG, or a ZIP or it is saved as JPG/EPS/ZIP but the system does not recognize it as such.

Preview file(s) doesn’t exist

In case the folder “Preview” is empty or doesn’t exist in your General file.

Min dimensions not reached

Both vectors and photos must have a minimum of 2000 px in dimensions.

Max dimensions exceeded  

Both vectors and photos must have a maximum of 8000 px in dimensions.

Allowed File Size Exceeded

A file must have a maximum size of 100 MB. This applies to all file types, including but not limited to vectors, photos, and ZIP-files.

Corrupted file

This file is damaged due to an error in the upload or because the file is corrupted.

Source file not found

Cannot find the required source files in ZIP-archive. Please read about how to prepare the General File archive.

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