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What’s the difference between POT, PPT, and PPTX formats?

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  • POT is a template format – “pre-made” presentation shell. You may create any presentation and save it as POT-file. After that you may apply that template to any new or existing presentation.
  • PPT is a PowerPoint presentation format. In case you’d like to save POT file as PPT you have to choose in main menu File – Save As… and choose PPT in ‘file type’ drop down menu.
  • PPTX – a file with the PPTX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Presentation file. These files are used to store slide show presentations.

PPTX files use a combination of XML and ZIP to compress its contents. PPTX files can contain formatted text, objects, multiple slides, images, videos, and more.

PPTX is the default presentation file format for PowerPoint 2007 and newer. The older version of the PPTX file is PPT, which was used in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and older.

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